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Create your ideal wedding registry on Happy Giftlist! Make an online wishlist and share it with your guests for the perfect wedding gifts.

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How Can I Create a Wedding Registry?

Setting up a wedding registry makes planning your big day a bit easier, letting you share with friends and family exactly what you'd love as gifts. A super handy way to do this is using an online platform like Happy Giftlist. Just sign up, then start adding everything from kitchen essentials to maybe even a dinner or two towards your honeymoon!

Remember to pop items in various price ranges onto your list, so there's something for every guest's budget. It’s a win-win: you get what you need, and your guests get to pick gifts they know you'll love.

A wedding registry not only cuts down on repeated gifts but also takes the guesswork out for your guests, making gift-giving a breeze.

How Can I Add Gifts?

It's really easy to add gifts to your registry. Just paste the URL of what you want, and voila, all the details like price and image are pulled in automatically.

Want to explore more? Use Happy Giftlist’s suggestion tool to find gifts that fit just right into your registry. You can browse by category and add with a click. And if there’s something you’re hoping for most, just mark it as a favorite to nudge your guests in the right direction.

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How Do I Share My Wedding Registry?

Sharing your wedding registry ensures guests know exactly what you'd like, simplifying the whole gift-giving process. There are several easy ways to share your list:

One slick method is to link your registry right on your wedding website. You can also tuck the link or a simple code into your wedding invitations. Guests can use this code at Happy Giftlist to find your registry in a snap. Or, get techy with a QR code—they just scan and get directed straight to your wishlist.

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