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Make your personal wishlist online or create a Secret Santa with our super easy tool. Add gifts and check them off quickly and conveniently!

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Happy Giftlist is the ultimate solution for creating your online wishlist. Say goodbye to duplicate presents and save yourself time with our simple and user-friendly tool.


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draw names

Draw names for your Secret Santa or gift exchange with Happy Giftlist's free online Secret Santa Generator. Our easy-to-use tool makes the process of organizing your group's gift exchange a breeze, and best of all, it's completely free to use!


Every occasion

Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, ... It doesn't matter, you can create your wishlist for every occasion.

All webshops

You can add products from all webshops, just copy the link and paste it. We fetch all the information of your gift.


It's super easy to create your own wishlist, click on the create wishlist button and start adding the gifts you want!


People love suggestions, it's super easy for them to find something you'd love. And it's super easy for you because you get exactly what you want.

Don't even worry about getting duplicate gifts, with our reserve system you only get what you want. Once!

How it works


Create your own wishlist and add the gifts you want. You can do that by just copy and pasting the url or manually filling in all the details.


Share your newly created wishlist with the people you want, make sure that everyone involved receives it.

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Don't worry about duplicate gifts, with our reserve system you will never receive a gift twice, unless you add it twice.

Create your own wishlist and make it easier for people to give you a gift.

By adding multiple gifts to your wishlist, you make it so easy for other people to give you what you really want. People love suggestions and really want to give you something you prefer.


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