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How to Create a Birthday Wishlist?

Everyone loves celebrating a birthday, but getting gifts that miss the mark? Not so much fun. That's where Happy Giftlist comes in. With our platform, creating a birthday wishlist is a breeze, ensuring you get gifts that you actually want. It’s fun for you and makes choosing gifts easy for your friends and family.

Simply sign up, set up your list with a catchy title and if you like, a little description. Your wishlist will be up and running in no time. Adding gifts? It’s easy as pie.

Personalize your birthday wishlist with a fun description and include all the details of your upcoming celebration. This helps your guests find everything they need to know in one place, right on your wishlist.

How to Add Gifts?

Start by picking out the perfect gifts. Visit your favorite online store, find what you love, and just copy the URL into our tool. We’ll grab all the important stuff like the product name, price, and image.

Don’t want to browse through your usual shops? Use our suggestion tool right on Happy Giftlist to discover a variety of gifts that could be your new favorites. Add them directly to your list, making it super easy for your family and friends to pick the perfect present.

Got a few items you’re eyeing more than others? Highlight these as favorites with a quick click on the star icon. This helps your loved ones see which gifts you’re hoping for the most.

add gifts to your birthday wishlist

How to Share My Birthday Wishlist?

Sharing your wishlist is straightforward. Grab the URL and send it out to your circle via text, email, or shout it out on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

For an even simpler share, grab the unique code from your wishlist page. Friends and family can enter this code on Happy Giftlist’s search bar to find your list instantly. Or, go high-tech: download a QR code, share it, and watch your friends and family scan it to see your top gift picks in a flash.

share birthday wishlist