Our Story

The Origin of Happy Giftlist

We've always found gift-giving to be a bit challenging. It was just a hassle: we forgot what we had already given, what we still needed to buy, and brainstorming the perfect gift to give was sometimes a real challenge.

One day, we came up with the brilliant idea of creating a website that would make the whole gift-giving process a bit easier. And that's how Happy Giftlist came into existence. Our team of techies, designers, and marketing gurus rolled up their sleeves to build a platform that would make giving gifts fun and stress-free again.

We wanted to create a simple platform where people could effortlessly keep track of their wishlists and organize Secret Santa events. Just a place where you can easily add gifts, share with friends and family, and keep an eye on what you've already received.

In addition to creating wishlists, we added the option to draw names for a gift exchange. We understand how important that is, so we wanted to ensure that it would go smoothly. Users can invite their friends to a Secret Santa event, and our platform randomly assigns a person. This way, everyone has the chance to surprise someone with something personal.