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How Can I Create a Baby Registry?

Creating a baby registry on Happy Giftlist is simple and enjoyable. Receiving the right gifts is crucial to preparing for your baby's arrival, ensuring you avoid duplicate presents.

Kust create an account on Happy Giftlist to get started. This allows you to begin crafting your baby registry. A baby registry is convenient for expectant parents and facilitates gift-giving for those who visit, allowing them to give a truly desired gift.

Ensure you add a variety of gifts in different price ranges so that everyone consulting your list has ample choices to find the perfect baby shower gift.

How Do I Add Gifts?

Adding gifts to your baby registry is easy. Find the desired gift online in your favorite baby store, copy the URL, and paste it into our tool. We retrieve all necessary information, such as title, price, image, and more.

Happy Giftlist also provides a suggestion tool to effortlessly discover fitting baby gifts and add them to your list with a single click, including the option to filter by category.

If some gifts are a higher priority, mark them as favorites. This way, visitors to your wishlist will see that these gifts are especially welcome.

How Do I Share My Baby Registry with Others?

Sharing your baby registry is easy with Happy Giftlist. Place the link on the birth announcement or copy a code available on your list page. You can also download a QR code and include it in the announcement or share it with your loved ones. This ensures you receive all the necessary baby items.

Create your online wishlist or Secret Santa with our simple and user-friendly tool. Conveniently and quickly add and tick off gifts. Simple and free.

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