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Create your perfect baby registry on Happy Giftlist! Make an online wishlist and share it with your loved ones for the ideal baby shower gifts.

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How Can I Create a Baby Registry?

Starting a baby registry with Happy Giftlist is fun and straightforward. It’s all about getting exactly what you need for your new arrival and making sure you don’t end up with double of everything!

Just sign up at Happy Giftlist and kick off your baby registry. It’s a great help for you as expectant parents, and it makes life easier for your friends and family too. They can pick something you really need and will love.

Make sure to add a mix of gifts at different price points so everyone can choose something fabulous for your baby shower without breaking the bank.

How Do I Add Gifts?

It’s super easy to add gifts to your baby registry. Just find what you want from your preferred baby store online, grab the URL, and paste it into our tool. We'll pull in all the details—like the title, price, and image—right away.

Not sure what to add? Use the Happy Giftlist suggestion tool to find the perfect baby gifts. You can filter by category and add them with just one click. It couldn’t be simpler.

Got some must-haves? Highlight them by marking them as favorites on your list. This lets your friends and family know these items are top of your wish list.

How Do I Share My Baby Registry with Others?

Sharing your baby registry couldn’t be easier. You can place your list’s link on birth announcements or simply share a special code from your list page. Fancy something techy? Download a QR code and include it in your announcements, or just send it to your family and friends directly. This way, everyone knows just what you need for the little one on the way.