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Let’s try to answer your most common questions.

You can create a wish list by clicking 'Create Wish List' in the menu. There you can give a title and an optional description to your wish list. When you click on the button, your wish list has been created. On this page you can add gifts, share your wish list and see which gifts have been purchased.

Adding a gift can be done in many ways. You can just fill in the text like e.g. perfume and then we will suggest what to add to your wish list. The best way is just copying the link from any webshop and paste it in the text field. We will then retrieve the necessary information and your visitors will see the product with the correct price, title and image. You can also simply ask for money or a gift card by clicking on the correct button.

Reserving a gift is very easy, you just click on the 'Reserve' button where you enter your e-mail address if necessary (this is necessary so that you can also make this gift available again later, if something went wrong with the order) and the gift is reserved. This way, the owner of the wish list will never receive duplicate gifts again.

You can create a Secret Santa by clicking 'Draw Names' in the menu. There you can enter a title and an optional description, and also set a budget. Then add all the names and email addresses of all users who join in. As soon as you click the button to confirm, all participants will receive an email to join.

You can always take a look at our faq, there is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. The link to this page can be found at the very bottom of the menu under 'Help'.

Effortlessly create your online wish list or Secret Santa with our simple and user-friendly tool. Conveniently and quickly add and tick off gifts.


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