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How to Create an Online Wishlist?

A wishlist is a great way to let your friends and family know what you want for your birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. With a wishlist, you can easily identify your favorite gifts and share them with others.

You can also create a wishlist for others. If your children are too young or if you have a grandparent who isn't comfortable using a computer, you can assist them in creating their list.

How Does It Work?

Creating a wishlist on Happy Giftlist is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Create an account: You can do this with your email address, Facebook, or Google account.
  • Add a title and description: This helps provide more information about why you're creating a wishlist.
  • Add gifts to your wishlist: You can do this by pasting the URL of the product, typing the product name, or using the suggestion tool.
  • Share your wishlist: You can do this by sharing the URL, a code, or a QR code.
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How to Add Gifts to Your Wishlist?

There are three ways to add gifts to your wishlist:

  • Paste the URL of the product: This is the quickest and easiest way.
  • Type the name of the product: If you don't have the URL, you can also type the name of the product.
  • Use the suggestion tool: The suggestion tool helps you find products that fit your preferences. You can search by name and category.

You can also favorite gifts to highlight them, increasing the likelihood of receiving those gifts.

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How to Share Your Wishlist with Others?

You can share your wishlist with friends, family, and colleagues by sharing the URL, a code, or a QR code.

  • An URL: You can copy the URL and share it with anyone you like, it's the simplest way to share your wishlist.
  • A code: The code is a convenient way to share your gift list on special occasions, such as weddings or births. It's more elegant than a URL and can be printed on a birth announcement or wedding invitation.
  • A QR code: People only need to scan the QR code to access your wishlist directly. It's a convenient way to share your wishlist in a physical location
  • Social media: You can also directly share your wishlist via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Email.
sharing wishlist

How to Avoid Duplicate Gifts?

Receiving the same gift from different people can be a bit awkward. Fortunately, Happy Giftlist offers a feature to prevent this. Once a gift from your wishlist is purchased, it is marked as "bought." This means that everyone else with access to your wishlist can see that this gift has already been purchased.

This feature is especially useful for large events like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, where multiple guests may choose from the same wishlist.

gift ps5 marked-off gift

Benefits of Creating a Wishlist.

Creating a wishlist is a great way to ensure you receive perfect gifts for every occasion. Here are some benefits of making a wishlist:

  • Prevents duplicate gifts: With a wishlist, your friends and family can see what you already have and what you still want, preventing receiving the same gift from multiple people.
  • Makes it easier for friends and family: With a wishlist, your friends and family don't have to guess what you want; they can simply choose something from your list.
  • Helps you manage your budget: With a wishlist, you can track how much you've already spent on gifts, helping you stay within your budget.

Tips for Organizing Your Online Wishlist.

If you want to create a wishlist, consider the following:

  • Be specific: Specify not only that you want a new book but also the genre or author you prefer.
  • Be realistic: It's fun to dream, but choose gifts that are realistically attainable.
  • Keep your wishlist up-to-date: If you receive something or change your mind, make sure to update your wishlist.

Is Creating a Wishlist Free?

Yes, our wishlist maker is completely free. You can create as many wishlists as you want and share them with anyone you like.

Where Can I Find Gifts to Add to My Wishlist?

There are various places where you can find gifts for your wishlist. You can explore your favorite stores online or use our suggestion tool for an easy way to add gifts to your list.

Can You Organize a Secret Santa on Happy Giftlist?

With Happy Giftlist, you can not only create wishlists but also organize a Secret Santa:

  • Add participants: You can add as many people as you want.
  • Create exceptions: Sometimes, you may not want certain people, like a couple or family members, to draw each other's names.
  • Send out invitations: Invited individuals will receive an email with a link to register.
  • Let participants draw names: Once registered, participants can see who they've drawn.

Using our Secret Santa Generator is a fun way to give a gift to someone you don't know well. It's also a good way to ensure everyone receives a gift.

Create your online wishlist or Secret Santa with our simple and user-friendly tool. Conveniently and quickly add and tick off gifts. Simple and free.

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